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This week’s topic is a controversial one: vaccines. I am joined by Jeremy Hammond, an independent journalist whose websites are (temporary note: this site is currently undergoing a DNS fix and will be online soon) and Foreign Policy Journal. Hammond has written on and is very well-read in the vaccine literature. The goal with this episode is not necessarily to completely change one’s mind, but merely to offer encouragement to study the issue and keep an open mind about the dangers of mindlessly following the popular consensus.

I encourage those interested in this issue to opt-in to Hammond’s newsletter for information on vaccines, and to download his report “5 Horrifying Facts About the FDA Vaccine Approval Process.” Here is the link.

Here are the sources that were mentioned in the podcast:

He also recommends the following:
World Mercury Project
Vaccine Papers

Jeremy also notes: PubMed literature also turns up in Google search results. Often articles behind paywalls in the literature is accessible in PDF form elsewhere on the web. Frequently full texts can be read right at or the respective journal’s website, though. Depends on the journal.

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