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C.Jay and Brian discuss the Drug War and make a general case against it.

We discuss Brian’s two-part series on the drug war. His first essay, a moral case against the drug war, can be found here. Part two will be linked when it goes live.

In this post, we mention:

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We had a great time talking with Dr. Bill Anderson!

Bill Anderson is a professor of economics at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland. His Ph.D. in economics is from Auburn University, and he serves as an associate scholar with the Mises Institute. Anderson_BillHe has published numerous articles and papers on economics and political economy, including articles in The Independent ReviewReason MagazineThe Free MarketThe FreemanPublic ChoiceThe American Journal of Economics and SociologyQuarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and others. He is also a frequent contributor to

We touched on some of the themes in Dr. Anderson’s breakdown of Elizabeth Warren’s so-called 11 Commandments of Progressivism.

Along with Dr. Anderson’s blog, take some time to look through his Mises Institute and LRC article archives.

Here are some resources related to the podcast:

The Eugenics Plot of the Minimum Wage

Eugenics and Economics in the Progressive Era

Middle of the Road Policy Leads to Socialism by Ludwig von Mises

The Ethics of Entitlement by Hans Sennholz

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Jungle Rule and the State

The State and the Market

Corporations and Profits are not the Problem, the State Is

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I am thrilled to announce that Brian Jacobson helped me out in hosting this episode and the hope here is that he will be able to do this pretty consistently. Brian writes regularly here at TRL and I always look forward to reading what he has to say.

We had a blast talking to Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr!  Sproul-JrDr. Sproul is the rector of theology and chair of philosophy and theology at Reformation Bible College, and a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries. Dr. Sproul is author of several books, including Biblical Economics, a pastor of Ascension Presbyterian Church, and hosts the daily podcast Jesus Changes Everything.

In this episode, we discussed with Dr. Sproul some of his background in economics and political theory, how he became interested in it, and why Christians should know Austrian economics. We had him comment on the nature of economics, he said a few things about foreign policy, and also about the relationship between Christianity and liberty; and he even gave a friendly jab toward “anarchist” ideals (which we may comment on later).  We were able to integrate some of the questions that you readers had provided for us, but not all of them. Which simply means we will have to have him back on!

Here are some of the resources we mentioned in this podcast:

Dr. Sproul’s Podcasts and Articles:

Dictating Cuba

American Empire

It’s Just War

The Problem with Prisons


The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Not Yours to Give by Davy Crockett

Economics on One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Human Action by Ludwig von Mises

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality by Ludwig von Mises

An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought by Murray Rothbard


Hans Sennholz

Ludwig von Mises

Walter Williams

Israel Kirzner

Murray Rothbard

Ron Paul


The Austrian School of Economics

Law of Marginal Utility

Subjective Theory of Value

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A Christian Perspective on Murray Rothbard’s “Why be Libertarian?”

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First official podcast! As I note in the podcast, I am excited to say that production help is on the way!  Hopefully the audio quality and general aesthetics will be improving as I have accepted the help of several individuals who are willing to aid this process.  I am also looking to generally have more people on besides just myself, to allow for more conversation and less monologuing.  Interviews are beginning to line up too! Stay tuned… and all that jazz.

Last year, Dr. Mohler was asked by Todd Friel what he thought of Christians and libertarianism.  His response was widely viewed in Christian social media circles.  In this episode, I give an overview of my thoughts on his statements.

Here are some other efforts to respond to Dr. Mohler:


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