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What a marvelous conversation Ben Lewis and C.Jay Engel had with Jim Hale! Jim was the Media Relations Director for the neocon outfit Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. He was a self-described propagandist who has since turned his back his war-propaganda past and has come forward to declare to the world that the Iraq War was an outrageously wrong set of policies–on moral, economic, social, and constitutional grounds. In this episode, Jim recounts some of the goings-on of his time in Washington and reflects on the mentality that Christians should have to a lying and corrupt state such as the Federal Government, especially on the most important issue of our time: war.

In this post, we mentioned the following:

The Reformed Libertarian Facebook Group

Jim’s article at the Ron Paul Institute

Jim’s interview with Tom Woods and Scott Horton

Andrew Bacevich’s book America’s War for the Greater Middle East (here also is Ben’s review)

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